Staging & showing when selling your home

Should you stage your home when selling with owner financing?

Whether you are selling traditionally or with owner financing in Huston, it is important that you stage your home. The only exception is when you are selling as-is (some basic staging practices such as getting rid of clutter and cleaning are still recommended). Check out this article to learn when to sell your home as-is.  

If you are investing in repairs and renovations, you should make sure that your efforts and investments don’t go unnoticed. Staging will help you ensure that your home looks its absolute best when you click photographs or shoot videos for listing online and invite potential buyers for a showing.

We can help you market your home to:

  • Regular buyers
  • Real estate investors
  • Credit-challenged individuals and families looking to buy a home with owner financing.

In most cases, we recommend that you stage your home before listing it for sale.

  • Curb appeal, living room, master bedroom and kitchen are some of the most important places in your house that you should focus your efforts on.
  • You should remove all the personal items that suggest this home belongs to you. When buyers visit the house, they should be able to visualize the home as their own.
  • Clearing clutter is the most important step. It will make your home look not only spacious, but also appealing. Space and appeal are what matter the most when it comes to selling a home.
  • Cleaning is more important if pets were living in the house. Pet odors are very difficult to remove, so you may have to consider seeking professional help to clean your home.
  • Make cosmetic repairs. Adding a fresh coat of paint and getting rid of the nicks, scratches, holes, and other impurities will go a long way in making your home look beautiful.

These are some of the staging tips that you can follow. If you list your home with Shop Owner Finance, we will find ways to help you sell for the best price.

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