Marketing your Houston home when selling with owner financing

Market your home to a larger pool of buyers with our one-of-its kind program in Houston

Most sellers in Houston accept offers only from buyers pre-approved by a traditional bank. In our program, you don’t have to turn down offers from credit-challenged home buyers. It means that getting great results from your marketing efforts after listing the home for sale becomes a lot easier in our system.

There are three ways you can sell your home with Shop Owner Finance:

  •  You can sell to regular buyers. We will market your home to the buyers who have good credit and have been pre-approved by banks. This is how most realtors in Houston will list your home.
  • You can sell to an investor in our network. It is exactly like selling to a regular buyer. You will receive the full price of the home on the closing day. The investor will then owner-finance the home to a credit challenged home buyer.
  • You can sell to a credit challenged home buyer in an owner financing arrangement. The buyer will make a large down payment and agree to pay a monthly installment (consisting of principal, interest etc.). You will make passive income and potentially avoid capital gains taxes.

Target a larger pool of buyers

By listing your home with Shop Owner Finance, you are marketing your home to regular buyers, investors and credit-challenged individuals and families.

What it basically means that you will be able to sell without worrying about financing issues derailing the deal at the last moment.

A pre-approval letter is not a guarantee that the lender will approve the mortgage. It’s just an estimate of the loan the buyer can qualify for. If the buyers’ credit situation changes after you’ve accepted the offer, the lender can still reject the mortgage application or lower the loan amount.

In our system, the buyer will be able to close even if the lender has refused to release the loan. Owner financing makes it possible.

Our marketing strategy

We will use all the traditional and modern marketing methods to sell your home fast. We will:

  • Conduct a study of ‘comparable home sales’ to determine listing price,
  • Create marketing collateral to promote your listing,
  • List your home on Multiple Listing Service,
  • Help you with staging and hold open house,
  • List your Houston home on premium property listing websites,
  • Utilize social media and other online tools to attract buyers,
  • Promote your home with traditional marketing methods such as signage, flyers etc.
  • Attract buyers with innovative listing description, photos and videos.

Interested in selling your home Houston home with Shop Owner Finance? Contact us today.

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