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Most home sellers believe that there is no need for staging when they are selling their home with owner financing. While owner financing makes it possible for homeowners to sell as-is without making any repairs and renovations, we – here at Shop Owner Finance – recommend that your home should look its best when you put it on the market, particularly if you want to sell for the best price.

Whether or not you should spend money on renovations and repairs and stage your home depends on two things:

  • The condition of your home,
  • Your personal circumstances.

If your home has structural defects, it sometimes makes sense to sell ‘as-is’ as it will be very difficult to recoup the cost of major repairs. If your home needs only cosmetic repairs such a fresh coat of paint, spending a few thousand dollars can add a lot of value.

If you are selling out of state or simply don’t have time, you should consider selling as-is. You should also take into consideration your current financial situation when deciding whether you can afford to invest a lot of money in costly repairs.

Whether you are selling as-is or want to make cosmetic and structural repairs, Shop Owner Finance can easily find buyers for you. We work with three types of buyers:

  • Regular buyers who finance their home purchase with a traditional mortgage
  • Real estate investors
  • Credit-challenged home buyers who finance their home purchase with owner financing.

What it basically means that we can help you decide whether you should make repairs or sell as-is depending on the condition of the property, your financial situation and what the type of buyers you are targeting.  

We help you stage your home and hold an open house.

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