What is the TL Global System?
The TL Global System is a proprietary, FULL DISCLOSURE system that allows a homebuyer to get the home of their choice with any credit score.

What are the primary requirements to qualify?
You MUST be represented by a Realtor that is certified to use the TL Global System. An investor will buy your home of choice. You MUST confirm that your Realtor is trained and certified to use the TL Global System prior to scheduling an appointment.

A Downpayment is required.

You must complete training in person, score a minimum of 90% on a test, and have a positive attitude. All decision-makers must be present at the training so be sure to come with your spouse.
A certified TL Global trainer must confirm that everything makes sense and endorse you.

If I have 20% cash but I can’t qualify for a conventional loan, is there another solution to get a home for my family?
Yes. If you’ve been shut out of the lending industry you can still get your home of choice by using the TL Global System. A private individual that has good credit and can qualify for a loan will buy your home.

Can I get the deed in my name?

Are there any restrictions or limitations?
No there are none. You can live in the property; you can sell the property; you can lease the property; you can refinance the property at any time.

Do I have to make a loan application not in a Traditional Sense?
Forget about qualifying for a loan. Your cash is your credit.

My credit has been totally destroyed by the pandemic. Can I qualify?
Yes. As long as you have the downpayment and estimated closing costs, we can help you buy your dream home.

Will this loan help me build my credit?
Yes, on time payments can be updated on your credit report.

What happens if I do not pay?
The investor will foreclose.

What about insurance?
If you want to take Title to the home in your name you need to get a new homeowners policy naming you as the primary insured and the investor as an additional insured.

What about the underlying debt on the property?
You need to be aware of the total debt and the interest-rate and the terms.

What if I don’t have a realtor? Can you assign one?
Yes. Bilingual realtors are also available if needed. The realtor is a free service for you because they’re paid for by the seller. A buyer’s agent will represent your interests to help you get the best possible price.

Can I qualify if I am self-employed with a non-verifiable income?
Yes. Your cash is your credit. You will not be asked for tax returns or bank statements.

My credit has been totally destroyed by the coronavirus shutdown. Can I qualify?
Yes. Your credit will not be used to qualify. There is no loan application. There is no loan application fee. Your cash is your credit.

How can I get my dream home with no credit check and stated income?
An investor with strong credit will buy your home of choice and transfer the title.

Where do the investors come from?
Every investor is represented by a licensed realtor.

Who is the founder of the TL Global System?
Til Lowery is the founder and creator of the proprietary TL Global Third-Party Owner Financing Program. She has 30 years of experience as an agent/broker in the Houston, Texas area. She is a successful investor, a top wholesaler, and the owner of Creative TLC Realty. She is also the author of a best-selling book with Brian Tracy called Secrets of Wealth.

How long does it take to move in & get the keys?
30 to 45 days after the inspection is typical but in some cases, it could take 60 days. Processing for New homes is faster.

Is TL Global a lender?
No. TL Global is a training company. TL Global is an education provider. The realtor, the homebuyer, the wholesaler, and the investor all have to be trained on how the TL Global System works.

What kind of training does TL Global do?
TL Global employs professional trainers which provide highly accurate real estate training the same way every time. All parties must understand how the TL Global System works and are required to pass a competency test with a minimum score of 90%. When all parties are properly trained the entire process goes smoothly and quickly.

What is a certified TL Global wholesaler?
A wholesaler is an investor that contracts to buy homes and assigns contracts to other investors. A certified TL Global wholesaler uses a rubberstamp process so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they do a transaction. Repetition results in never-ending improvement, efficiency, and professionalism. Using the TL Global system gives all parties the benefit of no surprises.

Does the TL Global System work anywhere in Texas?
Yes. In fact, it is approved for use in 28 states.

Do I have to meet in person?
Yes. You have to be trained in person by a certified TL Global Trainer. After training is completed you must pass a test in person to make sure you understand how everything works. This is for quality control. Everything must be done the same way every time.

Does the investor who helps me make money?
Yes. The good news is the TL Global System is WIN-WIN-WIN. You pay a fair and reasonable fixed fee for services rendered. You will learn the exact details at training.

What kind of interest rates do you have?
The TL Global System has incredible terms which include a fixed rate with no prepayment penalty and no balloon. If you research Google and look for low-doc loans you will find they are similar. Typically, they want you to have 35% equity, 13-14% interest rates (and higher is typical), prepayment penalties, and 1-2 year balloons, they don’t want to deal with owner-occupied’s, and they still want to verify your income and credit. The TL Global System has none of this.

Do I have to bring my spouse to the HOME BUYER training?
Yes. All decision-makers need to be present. This can include your parents, grandparents, and accountant.

How long does the Home Buyer training take?
Approximately 90 minutes. Please allow extra time to have all your questions answered.

Will I get a preapproval letter?
Your realtor will be provided a preapproval letter for a trust to purchase your home of choice.

Does TL Global have a training fee?
Yes. If you decide to enroll to use the TL Global System you must pay a fee. Paying a fee means you are serious. It means you are ready to go. It means there will be no surprises. It means there will be no rejections. It means your realtor will not be wasting their time. It’s a win-win system.

Can I get a BRAND NEW home?
Yes. The TL Global System works with almost every builder in Texas.

Can I get a resale home?
Yes. You can get a new home or any resale home as long as it is in loanable condition.
If there is a big hole in the roof or no AC or no flooring that’s a problem. The TL Global System is not for rehab homes, condos, mobile homes, or flood homes. It is also not used for land purchases.
The TL Global System is geared toward single-family homes.

I am a foreign national. Do you require an ITIN or an SSN?
NO. Foreign nationals invest billions of dollars in US real estate annually. The TL Global System does not require an SSN or an ITIN.