Rent-to-own and owner-financed homes in Oak Forest, TX

When it comes to housing affability, amenities and top performing schools, Oak Forest TX is one of the best options for families and individuals looking to buy a home near Houston with no credit check.

Oak Forest Elementary School is a top-rated school in Texas, making this suburb a popular destination for young families raising kids. These features have boosted migration to this large and diverse community. The growing population has led to a strong appreciate in home values which means that your investment in a home here may prove a good financial move in the long run. It’s probably the best time to invest in an Oak Forest home, even if you have bad or non-existent credit.

The easy availability of rent-to-own homes and owner financed homes with no credit check or income verification is yet another reason for the community’s popularity among home buyers. Here at Shop Owner Finance, we help you learn how it is possible to buy any Oak Forest home with no credit check. Before we discuss why to invest in an Oak Forest home, go through a few of the Oak forest home listings below or get access to all the Oak Forest MLS listing by using this advanced search form on our website.

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Why to buy a no credit check home in Oak Forest TX

There are many advantages to buying an Oak forest home. Here are a few of the reasons why it could be a wise move:


Oak Forest is surrounded by some of the most expensive housing markets including River Oaks and Bellaire. Compared to the home prices in these Houston suburbs, Oak Forest is affordable while offering more or less the same quality of life and amenities. This makes Oak Forest an ideal destination for people looking for starter homes or those raising a family.

Good investment

When most housing markets in the national were reeling under the 2007-08 housing crisis, home prices in Oak Forest TX remained stable. Studies show that Oak Forest is one of the top rated suburbs in terms of offering return on your investment in a home. Oak Forest has offered good returns on 5- and 10-year investment in properties.

Top-rated schools

As already mentioned, Oak Forest is home to some of the top-rated elementary, middle and high schools in Texas. Besides Oak Forest Elementary School, some other elementary schools in and around Oak Forest include Garden Oaks and Durham. Black Middle, Clifton and Harper Daep are among the popular middle schools, while Waltrip, Scarborough and Lutheran High North are high schools.

Great amenities

The Oak Forest neighborhoods feature large green spaces, sports facilities, community swimming pools and other world class amenities. Close proximity to Loop 610 and east of US 290 make Oak Forest easily accessible. A study of people living in Oak Forest suggested that almost 85% residents feel there is enough parking space and 75% residents say there are sidewalks. Most Oak Forest residents, however, own cars and rely on their own transport for commute. Some of the popular neighborhoods in close proximity to Oak Forest include North Houston, Inner Loop, Westside, Northwest Houston and Greater Heights.

Diverse community

Oak Forest is home to nearly 40,000 residents and 15,000 households. Most people are engaged in white collar jobs. About 15% of the homes are family households.

Oak Forest real estate statistics

The median home price in Oak Forest hovers around $350,000. There are about 200-400 active home listings most weeks. It means you can easily find a no credit check home with alternative financing options such as owner financing and rent-to-own.

Why to buy a no-credit check Oak Forest home with rent-to-own and owner financing

 Buying a no credit check Oak forest home is a good option for credit challenged families and individuals who can’t secure a traditional mortgage.

While you don’t get the property’s title transferred in your name immediately in a rent-to-own financing arrangement, owner financing makes you the owner on the closing day. On top of that, the owner financing terms are more or less similar to those you agree to in a traditional mortgage such as 30-year amortization period, no prepayment penalty, no balloon, fixed rate interest and anytime refinance.

Also, you can buy any Oak Forest home with this financing arrangement. As a real estate brokerage, we can help you learn how you can overcome credit challenges and buy any Oak Forest home, even a brand new home. We are Oak Forest neighborhood experts who will help you navigate through the process of finding your dream home.  

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