Pearland TX rent-to-own & owner financed homes with no credit check

pearland tx no credit check homes

Pearland TX is one of the most sought-after housing markets near downtown Houston and for good reasons. Several surveys and studies have ranked it one of the top suburbs in America. Portland neighborhoods are known for their top-performing schools, all types of world class amenities such as golf courses, pools and playgrounds, green space and easy access to downtown Houston. While a lot of commercial development has taken place recently, several Pearland neighborhoods have preserved their rural feel and look.

Despite being a favorite destination for families and individuals, Pearland is a fairly affordable housing market with median home price hovering around $265,000. If you take into consider the good quality of life and low cost of living that Pearland TX neighborhoods offer, homes in this price range will definitely be considered a bargain deal. In this guide, we will explain in detail all the features of this city within the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area, but if you are a credit-challenged home buyer looking to purchase a rent-to-own or owner financed home in Pearland with no credit check or income verification, you can jumpstart your home buying journey by exploring some of the home listings below. We will help you learn how buy any Pearland home you want with owner financing regardless of your credit situation.

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Why to buy a rent-to-own or owner financed home in Portland with no credit check

Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider buying a home in Portland TX:

Top performing schools

Pearland homes are zoned to the Pearland Independent School District. Here is the list of some of the top performing elementary, middle and high schools in Pearland:

Elementary Schools

  • Silvercrest Elementary School
  • Magnolia Elementary School
  • Shadycrest Elementary School
  • Silverlake Elementary School
  • Rustic Oak Elementary School
  • C J Harris Elementary School
  • Massey Ranch Elementary School
  • Challenger Elementary School
  • H C Carleston Elementary School
  • Barbara Cockrell Elementary School
  • E A Lawhon Elementary School

  Middle Schools

  • Pearland J H West
  • Pearland J H East
  • Sam Jamison Middle School
  • Rogers Middle School
  • Berry Miller J High School
  • Alexander Middle School
  • Leon High Sablatura Middle School
  • Pearland J H South

High Schools

  • Glenda Dawson High School
  • Robert Turner College And Career High School
  • Pearland High School
  • Shadow Creek High School

Easy to develop social ties

Almost 90% residential properties in Pearland are owner occupied. A high percentage of owner-occupied homes indicate that it would be easier for you and your family to develop social ties in this popular suburb. Almost 67% residents are married, higher than the Texas average of 56%. As many as 58% households have kids under the age of 18 which is also higher than the Texas average of 47%.

Home to over 124,000 residents, Portland features a diverse community. About 60% residents report their race to be white, while Asians and Black or African Americans make up 30% of the population. The city has reported a steep increase in population with professionals and families moving to the suburb because of urbanization and commercial development. No wonder, Pearland ranked as the 10th fastest growing city in the U.S., compared to other cities with a population of 50,000 or more in 2010.

Another reason for the city’s popularity among families is that Pearland provides kids good educational environment conductive to their academic success. Almost 83% residents have a college degree which is higher than the national average of 60%.

Amenities and Accessibility

Pearland features many parks, playgrounds, outdoor pools, nature parks, bike and hiking trails and recreation and entertainment centers.

Pearland is home to some of the best master-planned communities in Texas. They include Silverlake, Silvercreek, Shadow Creek Ranch, and Green Tee Terrace. There are three golf courses in suburbs.

The city offers easy access to downtown Houston as well as some of the most popular suburbs and communities including Sugar Land, Fresno, Stafford, Webster, Missouri City, Clear Lake City, Friendswood, League City, Brookside Village, Sunnyside and Sienna Plantation.

A wide selection of homes

While many Pearland neighborhoods are known for homes on large wooden lots, you can also find residential properties that sit on small or medium-sized lots. The lot sizes begin at 1000 square feet and go up to 15,000 square feet.

These properties are affordable. Despite being a sought-after housing market, Pearland is affordable. It makes the city a suitable place to buy a home in for credit-challenged home buyers.

Popular Pearland neighborhoods and communities

Below are some of the most popular neighborhoods and communities in Parkland TX

  • Ashton Park,
  • Cabot Cove,
  • Canterbury Park,
  • Hasting Acres,
  • Park Village Estates,
  • Pearland (City),
  • Pearland Farms,
  • Springfield Pearland,
  • Westwood Village,
  • Audubon Place,
  • Orchard Glen,
  • Canterbury Park,
  • Scofield,
  • Silver Creek,
  • Silver Lake,
  • Waterbury Estates,
  • Sheldon Cove
  • Pearland Estates,
  • Southwyck,
  • Shadow Creek Ranch,
  • Villages of Edgewater Estates,
  • Shadow Grove
  • Green Tee Terrace,
  • The Villages at Mary’s Creek,
  • Clear Creek Park, Willetts,
  • Pearland Park Estates,
  • Willetts,
  • Towne Lake Estates,
  • Woodcreek,
  • Shadycrest,
  • Willow Lake Estates,
  • Sleepy Hollow Pearland,
  • Parkview,
  • Dixie Hollow,
  • River Mist
  • Alexander Landing,
  • Linwood Pearland,
  • Creekside Pearland,
  • Parks at Walnut Bend,
  • Banbury Cross,
  • Regency Park,
  • Twin Lakes Pearland,
  • Willowick,
  • Westminister
  • Stonebridge,
  • The Lakes at Highland Glen,
  • Highland Crossing,
  • Clear Creek Estates,
  • Willowcrest Pearland,
  • Twin Creek Woods,
  • Corrigan North,
  • Mimosa Acres,
  • Massey Lakes Estates,
  • West Lea,
  • Ravenwood Estates,
  • Fairway Village at Silverlake,
  • Southwyck,
  • Cypress Village,
  • Cullen Park Estates
  • Briarglen,
  • Jenkins,
  • West Friendswood,
  • Pine Hollow,
  • Pine Hollow Estates,
  • Oakbrook,
  • Oakbrook Estates,
  • Dixie Woods,
  • Sunset Lakes,
  • Longwood Park – Pearland
  • Southlake (Pearland),
  • Shadow Ridge,
  • Southern Oaks (Pearland),
  • Shadow Creek Ranch,
  • Southern Trails West
  • Autumn Lake,
  • Pearland Lakes,
  • Crystal Lake,
  • The Lakes at Countryplace,
  • Sunrise Lakes,
  • Parkside at Pearland,
  • South Hampton,
  • Southdown
  • Bellavita At Green Tee,
  • Villa D’Este,
  • Villa Verde

Pearland real estate market trends

Pearland has gone through a lot of gratification over the past few years. The commercial development has driven the residential property market to a great extent. Pearland used to have a rural feel but as new businesses and commercial establishments set up shop in this suburb, it has seen urban sprawl as of late. The development has had a direct impact on home prices. The median home price is $265,000; however, the suburb features many expensive neighborhoods where buying a home would cost you almost $1M.

You will find about 600-650 homes listed for sale most weeks. It means that a wide selection of homes will make it easier for you to find a property that fits your budget and requirements.

Pearland features a healthy balance of supply and demand. It means that buyers don’t necessarily have to get into bidding wars on desirable homes. You will have a wide range of options when you are in the Pearland housing market looking for your dream home. You don’t have to waive contingencies which may be the case in a seller’s market. You can also negotiate on the listing price.

If you need a qualified realtor specializing in Pearland neighborhood to help you sort through complex home buying formalities, get in touch with us today.

How to buy a rent-to-own or owner financed home with bad credit in Pearland TX

You usually have two options if you can’t get a home loan from a traditional lender due bad credit

You can either a Portland rent-to-own home or an owner financed home.

Of all the Pearland homes listed for sale, only a handful are sold with rent-to-own or owner financing arrangement. However we can help you learn how to buy any home in Portland or anywhere in Texas with no credit check or income verification. Owner financing makes it possible, but not in the usual way.

If you are interested in learning more about our real estate brokerage services specializing in helping credit challenged individuals and families acquire any home – even a brand new one – regardless of their credit situation, contact us today!

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