Is it Better to Buy a Home in a Golf Course Community or Somewhere Near It in Houston?


Houston is famous for its affordable housing market but one of the perks of living in this budding world-class city is the number of communities for golfers (both avid and casual). If you’re thinking about settling here in the foreseeable future, there are a couple of options you can avail of: buy a home in one of its scenic golf course communities or be economic and get a place that’s in close proximity to one. So, if you’re still contemplating on whether which route to go, this guide will share a few factors you can consider before you decide on your big move.

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Golf Course Community Considerations

Home and Facilities Maintenance

Most, if not all, golf course communities require residents to join their homeowner’s association (HOA) which, incur additional costs of a little over $1,000-plus quarterly. HOAs usually take care of lawn management, pest control, and maintenance for common areas such as the clubhouse. While it may boast convenience in different levels, homeowners and residents normally don’t have a say on who gets to work on their lawn and any other area that needs maintenance.

Living beyond the borders of golf course communities, meanwhile, gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose. This lack of fixed maintenance costs would mean homeowners get to compare prices and find the ones that can deliver the best value for their buck. Lawn work and other maintenance jobs can be done on a per-need basis and you won’t have to pay for the management of amenities you don’t use. But of course, the leg work will all be DIY which means finding and scheduling would be all up to you.

Golf Club Membership Costs

Properties sitting in golf course communities usually include membership fees as part of a bundle. These may cost a bit more as homebuyers also get to cover other facilities such as pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses. These costs aren’t paid upfront on a one-time transaction as most community memberships require such fees to be included under association dues for regular maintenance and exclusive access.

Exclusivity, however, may come as a double-edged sword because you don’t get to choose a club (each offers a different set of perks to its members). If you live in a regular neighborhood, you have the freedom to choose from different clubs in the area that offers membership to non-residents which may save you more money in the long run.


With golf courses being gated communities, residents have an added layer of security through the front gate where guests and visitors need to check-in before being granted passage. Living in a golf course community also means having trained security staff making rounds on the streets regularly, some areas even have guards on patrol round the clock.

Regular neighborhoods, on the other hand, do not have such a luxury. Most residents would simply have to rely on general neighborhood safety, the local neighborhood watch (if there’s one), or local law enforcement. Before moving into a neighborhood, be sure to check the crime rate as well before scouting for the nearby courses you can play in.

The Bottomline

Golfers, regardless of whether they’re avid or casual, enjoy a good run of the course anytime. But choosing the right property would still depend on a host of factors other than the ones mentioned. While gated golf course communities offer luxury and exclusive access to all the amenities, it could put a strain on your bank account, especially for budget-conscious homebuyers. Of course, there are affordable options in and around the greater Houston area, but you must factor in the additional fees that come with living in a golf course community should you decide to live in one.

Choosing the perfect location to move into is only half the battle, you also need to learn how to navigate through the complex financial aspect of homebuying doing both can be a challenge. If you’re on the market for a new home in Houston, you can narrow down your search for the perfect home with these available properties.

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