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Glenbrook Valley homes are known for their historic and post-Word Ward II architect. The greenery, planned development, a strong sense of community, and kids-friendly amenities are some of the best feature of this neighborhood. The homes sitting on large lots are specious here, and affordable. You can buy a beautiful single-family home with 3 bedrooms for $250,000 or less. The Glenbrook housing market is somewhat competitive, so it’s extremely important that you are financially prepared.

If you are struggling to obtain a conventional mortgage, we can help you learn how to get owner financing on any home of your choice in Glenbrook Valley or anywhere else in Houston. If you can arrange for a minimum of 15%-20% down payment, you can buy your dream home in this vibrant neighborhood with no credit check or income verification.

In this guide, you will have access to all the homes listed for sale in Glenbrook Valley. If you are financially disciplined, but still can’t secure a traditional mortgage, you can buy any of these homes with owner financing. We will also discuss all the features that make Glenbrook Valley a great neighborhood for families.

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Why to buy an owner financed home in Glenbrook Valley

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a home in Glenbrook Valley:

Rich history

Glenbrook Valley’s history dates back to 1953 and now it is the first post-World War II neighborhood in Texas to receive historic district designation. The homes are spacious with yards and lots of space for kids to play. American Ranch Style and Mid-Century Modern homes dot the tree-lined streets. It was one of the best planned communities in the post-World War era so much so that it was in fact featured in in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.


After the economic slowdown in 1980, the real estate values in Glenbrook Valley and several other neighboring areas dropped. This was the opportunity to young home buyers to move in and enjoy the homes with big yards. The area is now home to residents from all types of ethnic and religious backgrounds including Hispanics and Asians. The neighborhood is just seven miles from the center of Houston, making it a great choice for professionals. There are about 1300 single family homes in Glenbrook Valley consisting of older residents as well as young families which have moved in over the past few years.


Given the size and space that homes in Glenbrook Valley offers, the property are comparatively affordable. You can buy a beautiful single-family home for $200,000-$350,000.

How to buy an owner-financed home in Glenbrook Valley

If you are planning to buy an owner financed home in Glenbrook Valley, we can help you learn how you can buy with no credit check or income verification, 30-year amortization period, no pre-payment penalty and no balloon payments.

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