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If you are looking to buy a home in a new development with no credit check, Fresno TX is one of the best places near Houston that you should explore. Home to a diverse community of nearly 25,000 residents, Fresno has enjoyed strong growth in the housing market. In order to meet the demand for housing, many new developments were launched over the past few years. The homes are relatively new compared to other established communities in Fort Bend County. And since there are only two constituent neighborhoods, it is very easy to develop social ties in the community, making Fresno a great place to raise a family. With the median home price hovering around $200,000, Fresno is one of the most affordable housing markets near Houston with a wide range of options for credit-challenged home buyers.

Most individuals and families turn to alternative financing options such as ret-to-own and owner financing when their home loans applications are rejected by traditional lenders. Here at Shop Owner Finance, we help you learn how you can buy any Fresno TX home without credit check or income verification. Explore a few of the Fresno home listings below. You can get access to all Fresno home listings using our free MLS search form.  

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Why to buy a no credit check home in Fresno, TX

Here are a few reasons you should consider buying a home in Fresno, TX, particularly if you are a credit-challenged home buyer:

Diverse community and amenities

This is one of the biggest advantages of living in Fresno neighborhoods. There is a sizable population of Black and African-American residents. A big chuck of the residents reports their race to be White and Hispanic or Latino. This makes Fresno an ideal place if you are looking to buy a home in a diverse community. The city features many community centers and other amenities such as parks, playgrounds and swimming pools.

Environment conducive to academic success

About 30% residents are college graduates.  The percentage of graduate residents is better in Fresno compared to many other cities and neighborhoods near Houston and the national average. Fresno offers your kids to grow in an environment which is conductive to his or her academic success. Most Fresno homes are zoned to Fort Bend Independent School District. There are many elementary, middle and high schools in Fresno.

  • Elementary schools in Fresno: Heritage Rose, Lula Belle Goodman, Ranch Vedre, Villareal, Olmito, Dora Romero, Laureles and Rosa Parks
  • Middle Schools in Fresno: Billy Baines, Lake Olympia, Los Cuates, Libery Memorial, Resaca and Christa Mcauliffe
  • High schools in Fresno: Ridge Point, Hightower, Willowridge, and Los Fresnos United

A wide range of home buying options

Regardless of your budget and credit situation, it is extremely affordable to buy a home in Fresno.

Almost 65% homes are listed for sale for a price ranging from $120,000 to $250,000. It means that you can buy a home in any budget. The fact that residential properties are affordable compared to neighboring suburbs makes Fresno a good choice for families looking to buy a starter home in a budget.

You will find about 200 homes listed for sale most weeks. It means that you will have a lot of options when you are in Fresno housing market looking for your dream home.  

How to buy a rent-to-own or owner-financed home in Fresno with no credit check

Buying a no credit check home in Fresno is easier than many other suburbs and cities near Houston. You can buy either a rent-to-own or an owner finance home here even if you don’t have a stellar credit score.

As already mentioned, we help you learn how to buy any home in Fresno or anywhere in Texas with owner financing. We also help you navigate through the property transaction process. A qualified realtor will take you on a tour of all Fresno neighborhoods and negotiate with home sellers on your behalf at no additional cost to you.

Individuals and families who are pre-approved by traditional lenders also like to work with us because we can help them if there are any last-minute surprises during the loan approval process. We help them learn how to explore alternative financing options if they have been turned down for a mortgage at the last moment. You won’t compromise on most desirable features of your new home if you can buy any home regardless of your credit situation. In a rent-to-own arrangement, it is not possible to buy any home.

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Angel & Francis
Angele and Francis bought their with home with owner financing after moving to America just 11 months earlier. They are now enjoying the home with their 3 beautiful children.
After 3 years unsuccessfully trying to buy a home, Angela finally got her dream home with owner financing. Scheduled to close just days after hurricane Harvey struck, her "miracle home" was the only home not to flood in a neighborhood that had several feet of flooding even a week after the hurricane.
Referred by her loan officer, Rick, Barbara was able to finally get her dream home on the water in Galveston.
Araceli (in Spanish)
Araceli and her family relocated from California. Self employed and unable to qualify for a loan, they used our program to get owner financing on a brand new home.
Steve and Cheryl
After a previous divorce and loss of credit, Steve was able to acquire a new home for him and his girlfriend with the help of Til Lowery.
Aicha and her family purchased a brand new 5 bedroom home with owner financing and were so grateful to own a home even better than they thought was possible!

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