Best Houston Suburbs for Young Professionals

Houston Best Suburb for Yuppies

Houston, being the 4th largest city in the US, is known for its beautiful suburbs. As the neighborhoods in the city centers are getting crowded, a growing number of moving into suburbs suburban areas. It doesn’t offer the thrilling, fast-paced vibe of downtown but Bayous city’s suburbia is increasingly catching the eye of young professionals, and with good reason. These suburbs hide some of Houston’s urban gems where residents get to enjoy hundreds of miles of walking and biking trails, open green spaces for nature trekking, even resort-style living all accessible within a few minutes. If you’re on the market for a home in Houston, we’ve listed down some of the most desirable suburbs that attract young people from all over.

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The Best Houston Suburbs for Young Professionals

Nassau Bay

This underrated Houston suburb has grown significantly since its inception as the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Originally conceived to provide housing for astronauts and their families, Nassau Bay has become an in-demand yuppie destination because of world-class amenities, a close-knit community, and high housing affordability. Don’t get fooled by its rich urban vibe though as Nassau Bay boasts an active nightlife and a rich dining scene through its wide selection of commercial destinations including bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.

West University Place

More than 16,000 people call West University Place home and are the dream destination for young professionals and executives because of its proximity to downtown Houston. West University Place (West University or West U as it’s more popularly known) features many exclusive neighborhoods with a median home price hovering around $1,000,000. This affluent suburb houses all types of residential properties including apartment buildings and condos. But the West University housing market is dominated by single-family homes built on large open lots with lots of greenery. Because it also houses some of the most popular academic institutions in Houston, locals get to enjoy scenic, pedestrian-friendly streets lined with trees and complemented by shrubbery.


Technically, this one’s more for young startup entrepreneurs than regular 9-5ers. Nonetheless, Stafford has been ranked the third best place to launch a business in Texas. This low-key suburb stands as the dream destination for hopeful business minds looking to kick off their entrepreneurial journey. While it’s rich in big-city amenities and the tranquil vibe of the suburbs, Stafford also offers the necessary infrastructure and facilities to not only grow a business but also improve their quality of life. The growing number of entrepreneurs settling here has led to a booming economy as well as a steep increase in demand for housing in Stafford TX.

If you’re planning to buy a home and explore Houston as one of your destinations, you can get the home of your choice without credit checks or income verifications through owner financing. In the meantime, you can narrow down your search for the perfect home with these available properties.

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