Angleton, TX Rent-to-Own & Owner-Financed Homes (No Credit)

Angleton No credit check homes

Located near Lake Jackson and Clute, you will find the wonderful community of Angleton. This city strives to maintain its small-town charm and holds an all-around community program to prevent littering, promote excellent education, and make an effort to keep the neighborhoods beautiful. While it's a little over 40 miles away from downtown, Angleton is just a short drive away from one of Texas' most popular bird nesting places, the country's largest scuba diving lake, and one of Houston's most popular karting facilities. The city has a variety of inexpensive housing options, including three-bedroom properties.

There is a wide selection of homes in Angleton but most of them are only offered to bank-approved buyers, and if you have issues with credit that stop you from purchasing the home you want then settling for rent-to-own houses will not help your situation as it limits your inventory just the same—but with home-owner financing, you can shop the entire market in Angleton like a bank-approved buyer without going through a credit check and income verification. Even if you’re a foreign national or self-employed, you will still be qualified for this arrangement and have a warranty deed in your name.

In this guide, you will have free access to all the homes listed for sale in Angleton. You will also learn how you can buy any of these homes with owner financing.

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Why Buy an Owner-Financed Home in Angleton, TX?

The following Angleton real estate market overview will help you decide if the city is the right home buying destination for you and your family:

  • The median listing price hovers around $240K with prices ranging from $150K to $10M.
  • There are 200-300 homes available for sale and they usually sell after an average of 900 days on the market.
  • One of the city’s attractions is the Brazoria County Historical Museum where you can learn about, preserve, and share the history of Brazoria County. The museum, which is housed in Brazoria County's historic 1897 courthouse, gathers, preserves, and shows objects that connect to the county's history and represent its cultural and demographic variety.
  • Angleton's Crocodile Encounter allows visitors to see crocodiles and alligators up close. You will get the opportunity to see and learn about six different species of crocodilians while they eat and bask in the sun at the isolated facility, which is located on a rural farm-to-market route about 10 minutes north of town. Turtles, tortoises, lizards, snakes, and a few mammals will also be seen.
  • The education is extremely excellent in Angleton. Angleton students do highly on college preparation tests, with a nearly 97 percent high school graduation rate. The students outperformed their statewide peers in 2018, according to
  • Angleton's population of about 20,000 people gives it a small-town vibe. Angleton has lower crime rates than the national average, and locals claim that crime is not a problem in the community. Residents created a neighborhood crime watch with the assistance of the Angleton Police Department, which aids in crime prevention and adds to the community's sense of security and support.

Most Popular Angleton Neighborhoods for Owner-Financed Homes

Bailey Prairie

One of Angleton's hidden gems boasts a laid-back rural vibe, providing a peaceful getaway from stressful city living. There are broad choices for single-family homes here with most of them having small-medium frames which are perfect for growing families looking to buy their first home.

Bastrop Beach

This simple community along the banks of Bastrop Bayou offers a calm and serene ambiance. Most properties in the area offer a vintage cottage design with verandas for a better view of the scenic coastal waterways that run along straight into Galveston Bay.  

Downtown Angleton (City Center)

The heart of Angleton has become one of the city's most prized gems with several property choices that vary both by lot size, design, layout, and overall aesthetic. Homebuyers have the liberty to choose from resort-style manors in open landscaped lots or simple bungalows surrounded by beautiful lawns.

Cannan Acres

The larger homes sitting on open lots shaded by mature trees dispel any notion that living in Houston's rural areas is all just barns, farms, and cottages. Cannan Acres offers a refreshing view of greens with plenty of room to enjoy quick strolls and fresh air.

Wood Oaks Partition

Those on the market for a new home but not sure what design to go for can definitely have their pick at Wood Oaks Partition. This beautiful blend of rural and suburban offers home variations in terms of size, design, and aesthetic. The diversity also extends to property price points, so there sure is a home for everyone here.   

Other Areas to Buy Owner-Financed Homes in Angleton


Dove Meadow

Lady Bee Country Homes

Pecan Grove

Angle Acres

Erik East

Lamplight Park

Pecan Park Terrace


Erik North


Plantation North

Angleton Heights

F W Stevens

Lee and McBride

Planters Point

Angleton Meadows



Port Au Prince

Windsong Farms

Fairfield Park


Rancho Isabella

Bastrop Bayou Acres

Fig Farm



Bastrop Holiday Beach




Bastrop Lake

Gifford Estates



Bastrop Oaks Estates


Meadow Acres


Bayou Homesites

Greenridge North

Meadow Creek

Sandy Acres Angleton

Bayou Meadows



Shady Acres

Bayou Shores

Gulf Terrace

Minnie Shanks

Shannon Oaks



Misty Meadow


Brazos Bend

Harvest Glen






Springfield Estates

Cannan Heights

Heritage Court

Munson Orchard


Cannan Ranchettes

Heritage Oaks

Munson Plaza

Thousand Oaks

Chenango Ranch

Heritage Park

North Cay

Tigner Terrace

Chevy Chase




Clara Hurst

Highland Manor



Cochran & McClure

Hill N Dale

Northview Townhomes


Colony Square


Oakland Homesites

William Roberts

Country Estates

J De J Valderas

Oakwood Creek Estates

Willow Trace

County Road

K and S Plaza

Pecan Estates


Angleton Plantation Oaks

Best Places to Buy a Home Near Angleton

How to buy no credit home in Angleton with owner financing

Third-party seller financing provides Angleton house purchasers a number of advantages, including no balloon payments or prepayment penalties, a 30-year amortization term, the flexibility to buy any home you choose, the chance to establish credit, and no credit or income verification requirements.

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