77039, TX Owner-Financed & Rent-to-Own Homes (No Credit)

77039 No-Credit-Check Homes

The abundance of master-planned communities, easy access to family-friendly amenities, and scenic suburban views are some of the top reasons the 77039-zip code remains one of the most sought-after housing markets in the Greater Houston area. Despite being less than 20 minutes from downtown, the average price for a single-family home here hovers around 169,000. The highly competitive market lists 35 homes for sale most weeks and they stay listed for about 80 days.

Financing through conventional mortgages remains the most preferred way to buy a home in 77039. Due to strict requirements such as credit checks and income inquiries, a lot of aspiring homebuyers are having trouble getting approval from banks. While going for a rent-to-own option may sound practical, a third-party owner financing program can help you buy the home of your choice in 77039 without balloon payments and pre-payment penalties. Provided that you can arrange for a reasonably large down payment, you’ll get the financial assistance you need regardless of your credit situation.

This guide will provide free access to all single-family home listings in the 77039-zip code area and also explain how you can buy any of these homes with owner financing.

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Why Buy Owner-Financed Homes in 77039?

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider buying a home in 77039:

  • It is home to many master-planned communities and subdivisions including Magnolia Gardens, Castlewood, Holston Place, High Meadows, Fairgreen, as well as Orange Grove Britton.
  • You will find several open recreational spaces in and around 77039 such as W.E. “Bill” Crowley Park, East Aldine District Park and Amphitheater, Aldine Family Hope Center Park, as well as the Keith Wiess Park and Smokey Jasper Park in neighboring zip code areas.
  • A 2-3 bed single-family home costs an average of $169,000 so it's much easier to purchase a single-family home even on a modest monthly income.
  • Downtown Houston is just 19 minutes away via I-69.
  • The zip code area is home to several top-ranked schools including Stephens Elementary School, Two Dimensions Preparatory Academy Vickery Campus, Yes Prep – North Central Campus, and Macarthur Ninth Grade School.

Purchasing No-Credit-Check Homes in 77039

Having imperfect credit, self-employment, or unsteady monthly income can make it hard for you to get mortgage approval. But you can still get the home of your choice in the 77039-zip code area without credit checks or income verifications.

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