77035, TX Owner-Financed & Rent-to-Own Homes (No Credit)

77035 No-Credit_Check Homes

Whether it’s the cozy neighborhood vibe, the magnificent views, or the exciting feeling of an actual home, suburban living in the suburbs has its own sets of perks anyone can enjoy. And the 77035-zip code area in Southwest Houston has a lot to offer to would-be residents. The balance between rural and urban allows for many of the conveniences the big city has to offer without straying too far away from the home comfort of the suburbs. This is why a lot of families or couples about to start one are attracted to this zip code area. The median listing home price is close to $300,000 and it’s easy to find a single-family home about half the price of that. The housing market, however, is quite competitive with homes staying listed for about 75 days or less.

The fast-paced nature of the home buyers’ market makes property availability limited at best. If financing through bank mortgages is holding you back from getting your dream home in 77035, our third-party owner financing program will get you a step closer to homeownership. All you need is a sizeable amount for the down payment and our program will teach you everything you need to know about buying a home in 77035 without going through the usual credit checks or income verifications. 

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Why Buy Owner-Financed Homes in 77035?

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider buying a home in 77035:

  • On average, homes are priced at $300,000 but it’s easy to find a single-family home about half the price of the median listing home price.
  • The zip-code area is a mere 20 minutes away from downtown Houston which means it’s easy to access some of the big city amenities without spending too much time driving or commuting.
  • There is a myriad of neighborhoods with good quality living conditions including Westbury, Willow Meadows, and Brays Oaks. These are all complemented by open green spaces and recreational facilities such as Willow Waterhole Greenway, Hager Park, and Scout Lake.
  • Since it’s close to downtown Houston, finding the right job with convenient travel arrangements would provide less travel stress and a more balanced personal and professional life.
  • 77035 is hosted by 14 academic institutions rated good or higher by GreatSchools including Westbury High School, Inspired for Excellence Academic Academy, and Red Elementary School among others.

Purchasing No-Credit-Check Homes in 77035

Families held back by conventional housing loan applications often look at rent-to-own as their last resort for getting owner-financed homes in 77035. Our third-party owner financing program, however, offers a similar financial capability without going through rigorous requirements such as credit checks and income verifications. By preparing a sizeable down payment amount, we can help credit-challenged families purchase any home of their choice within this attractive zip code area.

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