About Shop Owner Finance

We specialize in helping credit challenged families and individuals learn how to acquire their dream home with owner financing.

You can buy any home in Texas with no credit check and no income verification.  

Our mission to help families become homeowners, regardless of their credit or their situation, is what makes us stand out.

We have helped hundreds of families who were turned down by conventional lenders find a way to buy their home in Texas with owner financing.

As long as you have saved enough for a strong down payment, we believe you deserve a shot at home ownership.

About Til Lowery

Since launching her real estate career from Florida in 1990, Til Lowery has become a multi state licensed realtor, including in Texas.

After 27 years in the business, Til has carefully developed a unique NO CREDIT CHECK system (TL Global system) to compensate for all of the things she did not like was happening to home buyers.

Til believes that if a family has saved as much as 15% or more for a down payment, they deserve a chance to get the home they want. Using this fundamental principle, Til networks with top tier investors and teaches them how to make good investments in a socially responsible way by helping families achieve the american dream of home ownership.

Home buyers learn how to get owner financing on:

  • Any home they want (must be in loanable condition)
  • Full priced homes
  • Even brand new homes!

She devised a perfect win-win program for home buyers and investors so that she could help families realize their dream of home ownership.


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